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The “gig economy” is changing how businesses resource their work, especially non-core functions like finance, human resources, customer service and marketing. Companies of all sizes now have access to a wealth of experts that they can engage with on a part-time or fractional basis. Working with contractors and freelancers saves businesses valuable time and money by eliminating healthcare expenses, bonuses, hiring and on-boarding costs (just to name a few) and provides them with the flexibility they need to respond to rapidly-changing market demands.

I founded Pinch Hit Partners to help small and medium-sized companies transform their marketing – to disrupt the traditional model of hiring a small, inexperienced in-house team. These in-house marketers don’t typically command the respect and attention necessary to lead transformative marketing programs and their lack of experience and business acumen translate into poor execution and results. Marketing is too complex and too important to your company’s growth and success to be left to anyone other than a senior practitioner.

Using a fractional executive model, I become a part-time or temporary member of the your leadership team providing senior-level strategy and execution of marketing programs to grow revenue and profit. Like a pinch hitter in baseball, I have a track record of success and can deliver “in the clutch.” My experience spans 20+ years with Global 25 brands, local non-profits and everything in between. I’ve led B2C, B2B and B2B2C marketing programs, major corporate rebrands, customer experience transformations and digital marketing conversions.

It doesn’t cost you anything to find out if Pinch Hit Partners is right for your company. If you or someone you know would like to learn more please contact me at mark@pinchhitpartners.com.

Mark Cipolletti

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