A smarter way to market your company

We use fractional, senior-level marketing consultants to lead a vast network of functional experts, forming a virtual agency for your company

Pinch Hit Partners was created to provide small and medium-sized companies with a cost-effective alternative to hiring their own marketing team or contracting with an expensive full-service creative agency.

Why we’re better:

  • Marketing is too complex and too important to your company’s growth and success to be left to anyone other than a senior practitioner. Every Pinch Hit Partners account is managed by a fractional Chief Marketing Officer – a senior leader with previous client-side experience as a VP or CMO.
  • When you invest in marketing you don’t want a huge chunk of your money being used to pay for employee benefits, offices, furniture and equipment. You also don’t want to be paying for an agency’s trendy office, top-of-the-line computers and layers of management. Pinch Hit Partners is a virtual agency. When you work with us, almost all of your investment goes to your marketing and promotions.
  • In-house marketing teams and so-called full-service agencies can never employ all of the experts that are needed to properly service your account. Pinch Hit Partners doesn’t employ anyone. We find the best functional experts – website development, search engine optimization, content management and more – to create a team and a marketing plan to match your budget.

Recent clients:

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Pinch Hit Partners has transformed the way we market our organization. Now our sales, marketing and communications are nicely integrated and we have a single platform to manage everything. We’re so glad we followed Mark’s recommendations. It’s been a game-changer for the Virginia Council of CEOs.
– Scot McRoberts, Executive Director, VA Council of CEOs

I first started working with Mark over 20 years ago before he was an award winning marketing professional. He is a student of his profession, and perhaps more importantly a student of my profession, an essential requirement for top marketing consultants and advisors. He has contributed to our success in one of the most competitive industries in the country. It is difficult to place a value on his expertise and creativity.
– Mark Foss Brown, Owner, Foss Home Team

Mark has shown me alternative and modern marketing ideas which I didn’t previously have. It’s been enlightening. I look forward to many more positive marketing plans.
– David Goodwin, President, Ad Vice Studios

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, please contact Pinch Hit Partners for a free, one-hour consultation:

  • Are you a company founder or CEO needing guidance from a senior marketer to help grow your company? Has the complexity of marketing options left you confused and has the pace of innovation been too fast for you to keep up your knowledge?
  • Does your company primarily rely on a junior-level marketer to develop marketing strategy? Are you confident in their ability to lead this critical business function? Is this position just a stepping stone, requiring you to rehire every one to two years?
  • Have you used a traditional agency and had your account managed by an inexperienced staffer, not the owner who originally sold you their services? Did you notice that most of what you paid went to account management and not to actually getting your creative work completed?
  • Do you have a strategic initiative such as a product launch, new website or content marketing program that never seems to get started?
  • Would you like to add new marketing tactics to your existing program but don’t know which ones make the most sense for your company and your budget?

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