Digital Marketing Executive Hillary Bressler Joins Pinch Hit Partners, Will Serve Clients as a Fractional CMO and Travel and Hospitality Marketing Lead

Pinch Hit Partners is proud to announce the addition of Hillary Bressler to the company’s growing roster of marketing consultants and fractional Chief Marketing Officers. Bressler is a nationally regarded digital marketing executive and founder of .Com Marketing, the agency she sold to Edgecore in 2014. “Hillary was one of the first marketers to embrace pay-per-click advertising,” said Pinch Hit Partners founder Mark Cipolletti. “Her ability to forecast trends and opportunities will help us attract new clients, especially those CEOs and business owners who are struggling to keep up with the constantly changing world of marketing.” 

One thing that hasn’t changed much in marketing is how companies resource their work. “I was attracted to Pinch Hit Partners’ business model because I see fractional CMOs and outsourced marketing departments as a new and better way for companies to accomplish their marketing goals,” said Bressler. “Some of the best marketing practitioners are now working independently in the Gig Economy. Pinch Hit Partners takes advantage of this like no one else. It’s a game changer for small and mid-size companies,” said Bressler.

Bressler will be based in Orlando, Florida, a city and state known for an abundance of national travel brands. During her 20 years as an agency owner, she served many of the world’s leading travel and hospitality companies such as Marriott and Universal Studios. “At Pinch Hit Partners, she will lead our travel industry practice. She will also be a lead consultant for clients who need to advance their digital marketing capabilities,” said Cipolletti. 

Bressler started her career at the Golf Channel, launching their first website in 1995 and leading cutting-edge digital marketing strategies for the cable provider. In 2009, she co-authored a book, Discover Your Inner Strength (Cutting Edge Growth Strategies From Industry’s Leading Experts), with Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey and Brian Tracy. She is also a sought after speaker on the topic of digital marketing.

About Pinch Hit Partners

Your company’s growth is too important to be left to anyone other than a senior marketing executive. Pinch Hit Partners provides your small or mid-size company with a part-time or fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to lead your marketing function at the highest level possible. If needed, Pinch Hit Partners also provides outsourced marketing departments to execute marketing programs with quality and efficiency. For companies seeking industry-specific marketing experts, we offer consultants with specialities in travel and hospitality, insurance, franchises, sports, digital marketing and more.

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We’re looking for Pinch Hitters in Richmond, VA

Pinch Hit Partners, the premier resource for fractional marketing consultants, is looking for new pinch hitters to join our team in Richmond, VA.

If you are a senior marketer interested in a flexible schedule, we can connect you with small and mid-sized companies looking for experts like you. As a fractional head of marketing, you’ll provide your clients with a cost-effective alternative to hiring their own staff or contracting with an expensive full-service agency.

Pinch Hitters typically work with CEOs and business owners to develop strategy and to assemble a team of remote specialists to execute on the plan (if an in-house team isn’t already in place). If you are interested, please send your resume to Mark Cipolletti at

Evolution Divorce Selects Pinch Hit Partners to Launch New Legal Brand in Richmond

Veteran family law attorney Christopher Macturk has selected Pinch Hit Partners to help launch his new family law practice, Evolution Divorce & Family Law, PLLC in Richmond’s West End. Evolution Divorce will assist clients with separation, divorce and child custody issues, but that’s where the similarity with its competitors ends.

“I wanted to create a firm that’s built around the clients, not around the lawyers,” says Macturk. He plans to differentiate the firm by offering pre-agreed pricing instead of hourly billing as well as providing his clients with a service guarantee. Evolution Divorce and its clients will enter into an attorney-client relationship only if they have first agreed upon the work to be done and the price for that work.

“I see Evolution Divorce as a disruptor in my industry and it’s important to me to work with someone like Mark who has a similar approach. He’s disrupting the local marketing scene with Pinch Hit Partners,” says Macturk.

“With hourly billing, clients never know how much they will spend by the completion of their case. This creates unnecessary anxiety during an already stressful period in their lives,” says Macturk. During his 20-year legal career, he has often experienced clients who have been reluctant to contact him or share important information for fear that the conversation would add to the overall bill.

Evolution has selected Pinch Hit Partners to develop its brand and implement a strategic marketing plan. Pinch Hit Partners’ founder Mark Cipolletti serves as Evolution’s fractional head of marketing and oversees a virtual team of marketing specialists.


Pinch Hit Partners’ first assignment was to help create a name that would send a clear message to potential clients that Macturk’s new firm was unique. “Chris said from the beginning that this firm isn’t about him and he didn’t want to use his last name as most attorneys do. We tested several names and landed on Evolution Divorce. The name, the pricing model…it’s the evolution of family law,” says Cipolletti.

“I see Evolution Divorce as a disruptor in my industry and it’s important to me to work with someone like Mark who has a similar approach. He’s disrupting the local marketing scene with Pinch Hit Partners,” says Macturk.

Pinch Hit Partners was created to provide small and medium-sized companies with a cost-effective alternative to hiring their own marketing staffs or contracting with expensive creative agencies. Each Pinch Hit Partners account is led by a fractional, senior-level marketer who selects a team of specialists to meet a client’s unique needs. “You get the best of both worlds but without having to pay for all of the overhead,” says Cipolletti, a former head of marketing and communications at Allianz Global Assistance, Connexions Loyalty and Sheltering Arms.

About Pinch Hit Partners

Pinch Hit Partners is a Richmond, VA-based company that’s disrupting how marketing gets done for small and medium-sized companies by providing them with a cost-effective alternative to hiring their own marketing team or contracting with an expensive full-service creative agency. Learn more at Contact Mark Cipolletti at

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